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Moving to Australia: The Visa Details

I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to Australia for a few years now. One day at work I was just so fed up with the routine of slaving away at my 9-5 that I bought a visa to the other side of the world. I saw a friend’s adventures, read her blog posts and […]

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Global Entry & TSA PreCheck

Usually, I love hanging around in airports. But when I come home from a long haul flight only to find hundreds of people in a standstill line shouting profanities at airport clerks, I definitely do not. On my last adventure, travelers waited unexpectedly in a hallway for over 3 hours because there were too many people […]

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Doing a Group Tour? Go with G Adventures

Why G Adventures is the Best For one reason or another – you’ve started researching group tours and have likely found yourself overwhelmed by all the options. These days, tour groups are a dime a dozen, so I really don’t blame you. In my humble(ish) opinion, G Adventures is the best one to travel with. Why, you […]

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Flying First Class With Norwegian 

Being bougie on a backpacker’s budget  Norwegian Air is a budget carrier. In fact, I give them credit for making flights across the Atlantic cheaper than they’ve ever been before. They figured out a way to bring that European budget airline price to North American consumers using fuel efficient airplanes and consequently, not charging an […]

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Flying Around Europe For <$775

Flying on the cheap has never been easier. Maybe I’m biased because I live in a massive city with 3 airports at my beck and call, but the reality is, budget airlines have changed the game of aviation as we know it. Ever since these no-frills carriers figured out a way to cross the Atlantic […]

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Camping at A Music Festival

Camping isn’t for everyone. Trust me, I would know. The first time I went camping, it was basically an accident. I booked a group tour to Southern Africa. Part of my trip would be spent in the African bush, and therefore, camping in a tent, but I never read the fine print (my bad). I assumed […]

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Flying Southwest? 3 Things to Know Before Take-Off

I’ve managed to make a connecting flight in a massive Asian airport I’d never been to before with just 20 minutes from touchdown to takeoff. Yet in my own home airport of Laguardia, where I frequently fly, I had no idea my super early arrival would mean nothing to the airline. It’s comical, really. No […]

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How to Be A Good Couchsurfer

Ahhhh… Couchsurfing. A European’s answer to budget travel. And an American’s worst nightmare. If you aren’t already familiar with Couchsurfing, it’s an amazing website that connects backpackers around the world who are looking for cheap accommodation. Quite literally, you can coast from city to city by crashing on a stranger’s couch – for free....

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