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About Me, Liv

I’m 24-years-young, a native New Yorker and a big time wanderlust. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, but the addiction really set in during college while I studied abroad in Barcelona. Seeing how easy it was to hop across an entire continent  (sometimes even 2) for a long weekend getaway got me hooked. Sure, I would much rather give myself a month or two in each destination. But I’m an American, and that’s just not how life works here. So I started this blog to show other Americans, friends, travelers & strangers how you can still travel the world even on a time constraint. Whether you’re holding down a full-time job or strapped for cash, or both, I hope you’ll find something helpful here and inspiring. Let’s get lost!

Where I’ve Been:

Andorra | Bahamas | Belgium | Botswana | Canada | Colombia | Costa Rica | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Dominican Republic | France | Germany | Guatemala | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Ireland | Italy | Jamaica | Latvia | Lithuania | Mexico | Morocco | Namibia | Netherlands | Panama | Poland | Romania| Serbia| South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Thailand | Turkey | U.K. | U.S.A. | Vietnam | Zambia

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